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Professional care of skin and body
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Specialized treatments


Primaluce Exforadiance

Brightness - Lighting - Rejuvenation

  • An exclusive synergy of fruit acids exfoliates and renews the skin intensely, providing extraordinary brightness and an even complexion, visibly clearer and younger.

  • Innovative peelings with different concentrations offer a targeted beauty action to prematurely aged, thickened, impure skin and skin with dark spots.


Specialized treatments

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45 min 


50 min 


30 min 


Lymphatic drainage facial massage

40 min 



My name is Jelena

Whole my life I was interested and fascinated by beauty and artistic things. I love to paint on canvas and I'm interested in art. 

My passion started to grow with study of cosmetology, and therefore after being for years just client I became cosmetologist myself. I chose to open my cosmetic studio in Piešťany, town with whole island focused on body healing. To contribute with relaxation and healing of body and soul I decided to care for cosmetic needs in downtown of this beautiful health resort town. 

As my work is also my passion, I spend any minute of my free time with studying trends and looking for natural alternatives in skin care. Cosmetic brand used in salon is natural and professional. 

Advanced devices and treatments go hand in hand with modern cosmetics. Visible results and the associated customer satisfaction is the greatest reward for me.

Brand vision Alissa Beauté

Cosmetic lines without common allergens, highly focused on active ingredients from pure nature

Natural cosmetics



Mineral oils  (greases)

Heavy metals